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Flow Pharma Announces Strategic Partnership with Oakwood Labs for GMP Manufacturing of FLOVID-20

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Oakwood Laboratories in the Cleveland, Ohio area is a leader in microsphere-based pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Oakwood will operate Flow Pharma’s production volume vaccine manufacturing system at their Solon, Ohio manufacturing plant, using Oakwood’s state-of-the-art microsphere-based processing, quality testing, and packaging systems to make GMP FLOVID-20 doses for clinical testing.

Oakwood Laboratories has for many years been a leader in controlled release, injectable microsphere-based pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. We are currently manufacturing multiple FDA approved sterile products in our GMP facility, designed specifically to manufacture microsphere-based products” said Mark Smith, President of Oakwood Labs. “We also have the analytical, Quality Control, and other quality systems and infrastructure in place to test this type of product. Since the vaccine does not make use of either live or attenuated virus, there is no risk of infection from processing it.”