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Flow Pharma, Inc. Presenting Mouse Breast Cancer Study Data

Flow Pharma CEO, Reid Rubsamen, M.D. will be presenting an update on the company’s pre-clinical and clinical breast cancer studies in San Francisco at Biotech Showcase, 0900 Pacific Time Monday, Jan 13

“For this pre-clinical study, we took the same approach we are taking in our clinical study currently underway: using DNA and RNA gene sequencing to design a patient-specific cancer therapeutic vaccine specifically targeting the patient’s tumor” said Reid Rubsamen, M.D., Flow Pharma CEO and Principal Investigator for the study. “We manufactured FlowVax(TM) adjuvanted microspheres containing neoantigen peptides that we determined were present on the mouse breast cancer tumor but not present on normal mouse cells. We then demonstrated that mice responding to the injected FlowVax BreastCA(TM) suppressed the growth of the 4T1 triple negative breast cancer tumor cell line we used for this study.”