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Flow Pharma Partner Strategic Vaccines Hires Lockheed Martin

Strategic Vaccines, LLC today announced that Lockheed Martin will conduct a computational study of the Strategic Vaccines’ proprietary manufacturing systems designed to address emerging viral threats, beginning with COVID-19.

These proprietary Test and Go Rapid Deployment (TANGO-RDP) manufacturing systems will be housed at the Texas A&M Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing (Texas A&M CIADM) at College Station.

“Strategic Vaccines is manufacturing FLOVID-20, an inhaled treatment for COVID-19 designed to keep patients out of the hospital,” said Reid Rubsamen, M.D., CEO, Strategic Vaccines, LLC. “The TANGO-RDP manufacturing systems we’ll establish at the Texas A&M CIADMsite will enable us to quickly address emerging viral threats. Lockheed Martin has a unique skill set matching our requirements and is helping us with that process.”